FC Malisheva - About Us

FC Malisheva is member of the Kosovo Super League with the senior team and the U21 team. In addition to the senior team and U21, FC Malisheva also has a Football School with about 200 young players who compete in the age groups: U17, U15, U13, U11 in the Regional Football League of Prizren.

FC Malisheva as a football club was founded in 2016. Initially, it operated as a football school, but due to the sheer number of young people interested to play this sport, created the opportunity for the school to register as a football club and participate in national competitions.

In its beginnings, the club consisted mainly of the players of the school. After the establishment of the club in 2016, FC Malisheva starts competing in the Third League of Kosovo.

After successful performances in the Third League and then in the Second League of Kosovo , during the 2018-2019 season, FC Malisheva was promoted to the First League of Kosovo.

In its fifth year of establishment, FC Malisheva won the First League, season 2020/2021 and was promoted to the Kosovo Super League in 2021/2022 season.

Since 2021, FC Malisheva competes in the elite of Kosovar football in the Super League.

Our mission

To promote football as the fundamental sport activity and to provide the necessary infrastructure for the development of this sport, to promote knowledge, services and opportunities for our volunteers, players and coaches to enjoy this sport, have fun and realize their potential in the beautiful game of football.

Our vision

FC Malisheva is committed to promote and provide a high quality football environment so that all our players, coaches, referees and club managers enjoy the game of football and to help them reach their maximum potential as participants in this sport, always promoting fair play.

Administration – to apply vigilant, diligent and efficient business practices focused on the club’s mission.

Leadership – to engage staff with personal integrity and strong leadership skills in club’s approach to players’ development, football school and competition performance.

Education – to include a comprehensive program with particular emphasis on the maximum development of sports skills, fitness, development of a competitive character and life experiences for our youth with the goal of becoming contributing and productive members of the community and society.

Communication – to convey in time information and promote sustainable, personal relationships between club’s personnel (administration, coaches, parents and players) and the public.


Emir Zogaj


Rilind Haziraj


Laurent Xhylani


Adonis Aliu


Arbër Prekazi